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ART MEETS FASHION….. LITERALLYScreen Shot 2017-08-15 at 12.52.12_dsc4479_dsc4457_dsc4448_1dsc4250_1dsc4262_1_1dsc4311_1dsc4339_1dsc4544_1dsc4633_11dsc4440_111dsc4391We are all about the ART here at Disorder Boutique. Of all descriptions and disciplines. For many years the artwork of Mark Howard, Director and designer at Disorder, has been displayed around the walls and fixtures of this eclectic store, also featured on the casual wear sold there.In[…]

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 DISORDERLY HERITAGE14305405_10205388095461856_2789255188503057362_o Jason Gelder has been collecting memorabilia on The Rt, Hon, Joseph Chamberlain MP for 16 Years. It all began inquisitively enough when purchasing a random piece at a postcard fair. “I’d always been interested in modern history and in particular Victorian times, but when I saw the image I just thought he looked[…]

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Disorder Brand; Fashion Forward Future Classic  Our own in-house menswear brand Disorder, specialises in contemporary tailoring, it is what we call, ‘fashion forward future classic,’ We keep our prices as competitive as possible, even though Disorder is a limited edition high end fashion product manufactured in the UK. The brand is totally unique, it does not[…]

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Protect yourself from the Evil Eye

Protect yourself from the Evil Eye_DSC0459_DSC0467b_1_DSC0444Disorder drew inspiration for this seasons T-shirt collection from Sixties Pschedelia, The Ancient Kingdom of Bagan, and The Hamsa, ‘Evil Eyes’, a palm shaped symbol, probably familiar to us all, but without knowing the full story behind it.The Photo shoot was a spontaneous, inspiring collaboration, between Clothing Designers Disorder, Model,[…]

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