Disorder is an award winning, slow fashion brand established in Birmingham, UK in 1998, with high quality and sustainability at it core. To ensure our customers only receive high quality, slow fashion garments, we have created our own vertically integrated, sustainable fashion ecosystem.  Disorder make our own ethical fabrics and print them with our own original artwork, source British fabrics where possible, and handcraft all our garments inhouse using our own team of skilled tailors,  thus truly  'Made in Britain'.

Disorder boutique,’ is a fashion forward menswear & women’s wear brand. We proudly manufacture most of our range locally, with own in-house team, as well as working on some of the lines in the store, whether that is painting, graphic designing or sewing. With academic roots in Politics, Sociology & Development, we started our vertically integrated experimental fashion business in 1998.

We have created our own nano sustainable ecosystem by using British wool’s & tweeds where possible, we home grow most of our label, thus, it is mainly, ‘made in Britain.’

We also thrive on sourcing treasured handwoven one-off fabrics from like minded artisan businesses discovered on our own exotic cultural travels, as well as printing our original artwork on environmentally friendly materials such as bamboo. We use ethically sourced cashmere, & silks for our luxury pieces. T-shirts & hoodies are made from organic cottons and are all ethically manufactured from certified factories abroad and we use non toxic printing processes at our printers in Birmingham. 

As self taught designers, our designs are different, unconventional, and special with a distinct, ‘Disorder,’ edge. This appeals to those who crave for individuality, and quality, without having to pay a premium to express themselves. We offer one of a kind bespoke handcrafted dresses, unique handmade shirts, as well as non-conformist tailored bespoke suits, waistcoats, jackets and coats. What makes Disorder niche, is that everything in the store has been ethically made exclusively for the store.


What our customers say?


''Definitely deserves 5 stars''

''This wonderful boutique could not be any more fantastic for those that want unique and bespoke items. We have been coming to Disorder for years and it is always a treat to wear one of their amazing creations''.                       Sophia Goacher

''Definitely deserves 5 stars''

"Wanted a jacket from these guys for nearly 7 years. Been super helpful over COVID. It's a dream come true".                                          A. Paigge

''Definitely deserves 5 stars''

"Some of the most unique and creative prints around, top quality clothing. I've been going to Disorder for over 10 years easily. A true gem of the clothing industry!.... Customer service is second to none and I can't recommend Disorder enough". Stew Calladine

''Definitely deserves 5 stars''

"Really impressed with service from Disorder, excellent communication and turn around for such unique products..... The clothes are beautifully made with high quality fabrics, unique designs and great insight into what makes fashion so desirable". Tim Orson


''Definitely deserves 5 stars''

"Absolutely top notch fashion. The best men's fashion I've found and the first that dares to play with shape, asymmetry and style in bold ways. Innovative, stylish and well made. The clothes I've bought from there have lasted for years and still people compliment me on my "new" outfits that I bought from there 5 years ago". Edalia Day