Shooting for Disorder Boutique!

Shooting for Disorder Boutique! 

by  Joshua Williams

I recently had one of my favourite shoots of all time working alongside the immensely talented Juliet Pea wearing an array of clothing from Birmingham's Independent Retailer of the year Disorder Boutique! Disorder Boutique are one of the most unique stores I've ever seen with some beautiful clothing and it was a pleasure to work once again with Juliet. For the shoot, we travelled to, what I can only describe as, the most beautiful country manor I've ever seen in Telford with a long garden that spanned into mazes, a canal structure and roman columns and archways. For a photo-shoot it was a perfect location! As well as being able to shoot for this amazing brand in such a wonderful location, the photos were not only shared online but two were featured again in Vogue Italia at Vogue.IT and a selection was published in the international Feroce Magazine where they featured me as their 'Model Of The Moment'! The response myself and the team have had from the photos has been amazing and I'm so excited to share the photos with you!  Joshua Williams, Mr Birmingham!                                                      

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