Disorder S/S 2016 Collection; Don’t Pigeon Hole Me

Disorder S/S 2016 Collection; Don't Pigeon Hole Me

One of the things we don't do at Disorder is 'Type' or pigeonhole people, When first asked to write a piece about the new menswear range I immediately thought Lifestyle descriptions; then promptly slapped my own wrist. Lifestyle prompts and promotes limitations on Age, Social circles, body shape etc. And we are having none of that. Truth is, the new menswear collection is for an every-man kind of guy (or girl!) dependent on your mood or the occasion.

First up, the 'Explorer' Jacket; This comes in two variations - Based on a traditional men's suit jacket, One has a green stitch detail running down the torso with a waxed linen detail on the collar. The other has the linen detail following down the length of the jacket with a buckle fasten at the neck. Both have the special detail of extra length on the back 'vent' of the jacket and the faux leather pocket detail. These are a smart/ casual jacket for most occasions, a signature piece that an outfit can be based around.

The waistcoat; next we have the versatilile Disorder Tank top that transforms in a waistcoat.

The Disorder Parka; A full length parka which is futuristic in the respect that it's light years away from the traditional MOD Fishtail. Though still longer at the back with tailored cutaway detail. Faux leather strap line detail and pockets, orange zipper and a huge hood which gives it an Urban coolness. Fleece lined for extra warmth.

'V' Jacket. A casual bomber jacket in length with alternate colored sections with a collarless collar. Buttons from neck to torso then splits into an inverted 'V' shape down to the waist. It's very much a club casual look.

Similarly, the new 'Military' Jacket is waist length but buttons fully at a slant from waist to the right on the collar. front panels are differing shades of Olive/green to give it a two dimensional feel. The coloring also takes the formal edge off the style as military styles are often made in black wools.

The classic Disorder Trench coat The variations for this cut and style are endless it seems. Up until now it has usually been made from Wool based fabrics with luxurious linings. Formally in Black, Beige 'fur' style and the reversible black and white / grey check, we now see this lighter weight coat which is also reversible for the new spring season in two shades of Olive green. Unlined and giving two very different looks in one garment, it can be worn casually as well as 'Smart'. The full range is now available at Disorder Boutique. Pop in to see us for a try on or fitting. Unique to Disorder with the usual high quality tailoring and not available anywhere else. Burbo 2016

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