Tartan Reversible Hooded Coat

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The one off  Tartan  hooded, kimono, wrap coat by Disorder,  is reversible and can be worn in a number of different styles. The coat is a one off hand made piece, made to order in our own UK based micro factory. The coat is free size, fitting 8-16.  It is made from cotton and wool.


The Tartan Reversible Hooded Kimono Coat is handcrafted by Disorder in our UK based studio. The jacket  is made using cotton tartan and contrasted with a reversible black cotton lining. The jacket is versatile an can be worn and styled in a number of different ways, reversed , wrapped hood up or down. The versatility makes it a perfect jacket for the unpredictable British weather.

The Tartan Reversible Hooded Coat is a slow fashion product, meaning it is a unique garment, made to order. This helps reduce unnecessary clothing waste and ensures you receive a unique slow fashion garment. This might make mean it takes us a little longer to handcraft the jacket especially for you.  But makes it all the more special when you receive it.

Disorder is a slow fashion brand. This means we don’t compromise our design principles and environmental ideas, when we make our clothing. We are ideologically opposed to fast fashion and its disposable attitude towards fashion. It is important to value the clothing we design and make. We design and make our clothing to last. Disorder doesn’t design clothing to be thrown away. We design and make our clothing to be worn and loved. Over and over again.

The design of the Women’s Tartan Hooded Kimono Jacket is what Disorder refers to as ‘Fashion Forward Future Classic.  With an Italian cut,  oriental  styling and given a British global twist. This jacket is a Future Classic, and very versatile, Disorder’s take on Japanese streetwear.

As one Disorder customer once said, “Disorder is about art, just as much as it is about fashion…” We love to create an understated, a simply ‘good looking piece of design’ that has subtly broken every rule in the book ‘look.’ Another customer said that the only way he can describe disorder the menswear brand is that it has a ‘post-modernist,’ feel if there was such a thing… We have an underground cult following, although most of our business is through word of mouth and our customers live all over the world, once people discovers us, they prefer to keep us a secret. We hope that you find this site engaging and that to us this is more than just about clothes.


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