Chindit Badge Mustard Hoodie

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The  Chindit Badge mustard Hoodie by Disorder is made from 85% organic ring-spun combed cotton and 15% recycled polyester. The Chindit Badge image is a print of an original painting by Disorder.  This hoodie is inspired by our cultural travels around Asia and our love  of the Burma.

This is a slow fashion garment. The Chindit Badge Mustard Hoodie is a limited edition, sustainable, organic cotton garment. In order to minimise clothing waste we only print to this garment to order.


The  Chindit Badge Mustard Hoodie by Disorder is a limited edition garment hand made by Disorder. This hoodie is inspired by a trip to Asia and in particular the atmospheric and spiritual city of Yangon, Myanmar. The Chindith is a mythical lion that always stands in pairs outside the entrance to any Buddhist Temple to protect it from evil spirits.  In particular the Chindit Badge Hoodie references the ‘Chindits’, the Allied soldiers fighting in Burma during WW2.  Who in turn were inspired by the Chindith, borrowing their name from the temple guardians found outside the entrance to every Buddhist temple. Every time I have gone to Burma/Myanmar I have always been fascinated and drawn to the Chindith, hopefully the wearer of this t-shirt may gain some protection from wearing it.

This Chindit Badge Mustard Hoodie is a slow fashion product, meaning it is  a limited edition print, made to order. This helps reduce unnecessary clothing waste and ensures you receive a unique slow fashion garment.  This might make mean it takes us a little longer to get the garment to you, but makes it all the more special when you receive it.

Disorder is a slow fashion brand. This means we don’t compromise our design principles and environmental ideas, when we make our clothing. We are ideologically opposed to fast fashion and its disposable attitude towards clothing. It is important to value the clothing we design and make. We design and make our clothing to last. Disorder doesn’t design clothing to be thrown away. We design and make our clothing to be worn and loved. Over and over again.

All of the garments in Disorder’s apparel range are printed by our award winning team in Birmingham, England. We use local suppliers as often as we can, because we believe in reinvesting in our community. We only use water soluble inks, that are certified non toxic and therefore don’t damage the environment. We are always trying to improve the quality and reduce the environmental impact of our designs.

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