Disorder T-Shirts

All of the Disorder T-Shirts are made from sustainable and ethically source organic cotton. All the garments are printed with Disorder’s own original artwork, in our UK studio.

Disorder is a slow fashion brand. This mean we don’t compromise our design principles and environmental ideas, when we make our clothing. We are ideologically opposed to fast fashion and its disposable attitude towards fashion.  It is important to value the clothing we design and make. We design and make our clothing to last. Disorder don’t design clothing to be thrown away.  We design and make our clothing to be worn and loved. Over and over again.

All of the garments in Disorder’s apparel range are printed by our expert team in Birmingham, England. We use local suppliers as often as we can, because we believe in reinvesting in our community. We only use water soluble inks, that are certified non toxic and therefore don’t damage the environment. We are always trying to improve the quality and reduce the environmental impact of our designs.

All of the Disorder T-Shirts and Hoodies are Earth Positive and Climate Neutral, meaning all the garments are made using renewable energy from organic cotton. We to reduce the environmental impact of our garments at every stage of its manufacture production and use.  Disorder has always put design  authenticity  and the ethical provenance, at the heart of our our designs. Ensuring when you buy and wear a Disorder garment you will want to wear it over and over again.