Disorder Black/Green Wax Trench Coat, made from the finest quality black/green wax, it's handcrafted by our expert tailors in our UK studio. 

Men’s Coats and Jackets


Disorder Men's Coats and Jackets

Disorder is a fashion forward, directional, men’s tailoring brand, designed and handcrafted in Britain, using our own in house team of highly skilled tailors.


Mens Coats and Jackets

At Disorder we only use only the finest British wools, tweeds and cottons for all our Men’s tailored jackets, fitted men’s shirts, tailored suits, waistcoats, and tailored men's winter coats. All our garments are made in our Birmingham, UK based studio. Disorder designs all their own unique graphic artwork printing fabric and t-shirts. Disorders signature style is an Italian cut, with oriental styling and a British twist. 

Our own in-house menswear brand Disorder/Disorder Boutique, specialises in contemporary tailoring, it is what we call, ‘fashion forward future classic.’ We keep our prices as competitive as possible, even though Disorder is a limited edition high end fashion product, manufactured in the UK.

The brand Disorder/Disorder Boutique is totally unique, it does not pretend to be something it isn’t and its originality disarms people when they first see it. Once a person discovers the tailored fit, they get hooked on its Italian influenced designer cuts, with a British oriental twist. Our designs are influenced by a strong sense of a need to give justice to our customers with a look and feel that makes them reflect their personality. The brand does not ‘hijack’ the customer, as does so many other labels with their shouting branding, our designs instead, we like to think, become part of the character of the individual. Each design literally starts from an idea, we do not follow fashion, nor do collections as such, or seasons, we just design what we feel like and run it until it runs its own natural course. We are renown for our range of shirts and jackets, trousers and t-shirts with graphic art from co-owner Mark Howard’s own sketches and illustrative artwork.

As one Disorder customer once said, “Disorder is about art, just as much as it is about fashion…” We love to create an understated, a simply ‘good looking piece of design’ that has subtly broken every rule in the book ‘look.’ Another customer said that the only way he can describe disorder the menswear brand is that it has a ‘post-modernist,’ feel if there was such a thing… We have an underground cult following, although most of our business is through word of mouth and our customers live all over the world, once people discovers us, they prefer to keep us a secret. We hope that you find this site engaging and that to us this is more than just about clothes.