Disorder Foundation

The Disorder Foundation is a social enterprise established to develop community cohesion in the UK and Myanmar, through building on the principles developed by the fashion brand Disorder and Disorder Boutique.

Established in 1998 Disorder have championed the cause of designing, manufacture and Retailing in the UK, lobbying the government, locally and nationally, highlighting its importance for the long term sustainability and cohesion of the UK, long before it was fashionable to do so. We also mentor budding designers giving them our expertise and real life experience in developing a product and bringing it to market. 

Disorder has always been a mecca for artists and designer across all disciplines, Art, Fashion, Dance, Music, Architecture, Animation, Car Design, Advertising, Web design.  Disorder foundation aims to bring together all these competing disciplines and encourage greater integration and cooperation between them through specific projects and events.

Disorder also specifical paints and designs products specifically aimed at particular deserving environmental or development projects. Our painting of the Burmese Tiger will be printed onto silk and then profits will go toward tiger project in Myanmar.