KOI Halter neck dress

£145.00 £65.00

The Koi halter neck dress by Disorder can be worn in 4 distinctly different ways.  The Disorder 4 in 1 dress is very versatile garment, depending on how you wrap the straps, you can change the style.  From a loose fitting dress, to a strap dress, to a figure hugging halter neck dress and even into a skirt. The print on the Koi halter neck dress is taken from one of our artworks Koi.  The drawing for Koi was inspired by our cultural travels to Asia. In particular a trip to Mandalay, where I watched some Koi Carp swim in a pool. The fabric is a durable, lightweight and machine washable jersey. The dress is designed and made in our UK micro factory. Sustainable and ethical, this dress is a one off piece made to order, thus helps to reduce clothing waste.






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