We are all about the ART here at Disorder Boutique. Of all descriptions and disciplines. For many years the artwork of Mark Howard, Director and designer at Disorder, has been displayed around the walls and fixtures of this eclectic store, also featured on the casual wear sold there.

In recent months this 'Underground Gallery' experience has gone next level, with more and more regular and newer customers commissioning work from mark; Most popularly of Icons of the modern age, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Muhammad Ali to name a few. The high powered graphics featured on T-shirts and hoodies have become collectible items in their own right and if you are lucky you may just happen upon a hand stained, multi colour one - off tee.A new collection has now arrived - Disorder's new 'Art Scarves'.......

The Art Scarfs are made from silk/bamboo viscose and cashmere and then printed with some of Disorders most popular paintings, some you can see in the store. They have been the surprise hit of the summer, with Instagram 'Likes' doubling for photos featuring them. The colour mix enables a mix and match for any item in your wardrobe and the size/shape makes them so versatile for wearing: Sarong? Halter top? Turban?

They have been so popular a second run had to be ordered pronto. 50% of customers are purchasing as gifts, especially stressed husbands/ boyfriends looking for a last minute present. And some of our more adventurous male customers have purchased for themselves.  More recently, Legendary Birmingham band 'Fuzzbox' came along to Disorder for ideas on outfits and styling for their up coming UK tour..... And promptly fell in love. Featured on a stage near you soon. Check out the full range at Disorder Boutique, Needless Alley, Birmingham.

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  1. Great job over again! Thank you

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed the article.

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